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『一○九學年度第二學期課程預選』事宜 Pre-selection of courses for the spring semester, 2020.

一、日期:109年12月21日星期一 (上午9:00) 至 109年12月25日 星期五(下午17:00)。



二、課程查詢及選課規定: 詳如附件第二點。

三、預選採填志願電腦隨機分發非先搶先贏機制,預選結果預計 109年12月30日 星期三 下午起可於校務資訊系統選課結果(非選填志願區)查詢。




1. Period: Monday, December 21, 2020 (9:00 am) to Friday, December 25, 2020 (17:00 pm).

Preliminary selection will be conducted by computer random-selection based on students’ choices after the deadline.

Those who have not completed the online teaching assessment before the 12th week (included) may complete the assessment during the pre-selection period and pre-select the courses for the coming spring semester.

2. Regulations of inquiry and selection of courses: Details are shown in the second point of the attachment.

3. The pre-selection process adopts a voluntary computer random distribution, not a competing mechanism.
 The pre-selection results are expected to be available in the University information system (not the site for preselection) in the afternoon of December 30 (Wednesday), 2020.

4. Any matters concerning students' course study must be in accordance with the "Chang Gung University Implementation Guidelines for Course Selection".

5. For questions about course selection, please contact the Academic Affairs Section of the Academic Affairs Office or call Ms. Jian at (03) 2118800, extension 5981.
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