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Registration Policies

All students who are enrolled should consult the bulletin of the year of matriculation for registration procedures and requirements.

A. Registration Requirements

All students must register each Fall and Spring semester for “continuation” and pay a registration fee each semester unless waived by a leave of absence granted by the Dean of academic affairs. Students failed to register will be administratively withdrawn from the university.

B. Registration Periods

All students who are enrolled and who have not been granted a leave of absence by the Dean of academic affairs must register each fall and spring until all degree requirements are completed. All students are expected to register during the announced registration periods specified by the university.

C. Late Registration

Students failed to register at the dates and times announced by the registrar will require a leave of absence or permission for late registration granted by the Dean of academic affairs. Late registration can only be accepted within the first two weeks of each new semester.

D. Change of Registration

(i) drop/add

The drop/add period is in the second week of each new semester. You may drop a course via the Web any time during the drop/add period, and permission from your course instructor is not required. Any course dropped during the drop/add period will not appear on your transcript.

(ii) Withdraw

After the end of drop/add period, courses may no longer be dropped.  However, you may still drop a course till the mid-semester by filling out a proper application form, which may be obtained from the Division of Curriculum, with the approval of your course instructor. You will receive a grade of “W” (Withdraw) for the withdrawn course in your transcript.

Admission Deferral

Guidelines for admission deferral.

1. Reasons which may not be accepted for deferral.

  • Employment reasons.

  • Travel/vacation/social plans.

  • Conflicts with a class at another school.

  • Medical problems which do not seriously interfere with the student’s ability to study.

2. Reasons which may be accepted for deferral.

  • Illness, a doctor's recommendation for deferral is required.

  • Accident, victim of criminal assault, mugging, robbery or serious traumatic events.

  • Delivery of a baby.

  • Unavoidable military commitment.

  • Other extraordinary circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

3. Important points:

  • Requests to defer admission must be made as soon as the student is aware of a potential scheduling problem, usually no later than the enrollment day of the first semester.

  • Deferral generally does not exceed one year, except delivery of a baby or unavoidable military commitment. Under the aforementioned circumstances, a maximum deferment period of two years may be granted.

  • A deferral needs to be approved by your Department head and Dean of the College; if it is not approved and you decide to re-apply for admission at any other time, you will need to go through all the application procedures and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted again.

 If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the online prospectus, or if you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at

 Tel: +886-3-2118800 EXT 5046
 Fax: +886-3-2118700

Leave of Absence

  • Obtain a copy of Leave of Absence Request form, which is available electronically on the Office of Academic Affairs website.

  • Complete and sign the form.

  • Contact the office to obtain the required signature.

  Contact Information:
  Tel: +886-3-2118800 EXT 5046
  Fax: +886-3-2118700

  • Bring or mail the form with all required signatures to the Office of Academic Affairs by the 10th week of the semester. Keep a photocopy for your record.

  • The Office of Academic Affairs will confirm your leave status by email.