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A. Prerequisites

If the course you plan to take has a prerequisite, all relevant information will be listed in the course description. Please ensure that you meet all prerequisites described in the course information. If you do not meet the course prerequisites you may be blocked from registering for the course, or you may be administratively dropped from the class.

B. Advising

You will need to discuss your proposed schedule with your advisor. Course registration consultation in all departments and degree programs should be completed no later than one week before the course registration deadline.

C. Course Load

Undergraduate students should take at least 12 credits each semester for the first three school years and at least 9 credits for the fourth year. The maximum course load for undergraduate students is 25 credits per semester. There is no course load requirement for graduate students. Graduate students who have completed all the necessary coursework are required to register for “Scientific Writing”( zero-credit ).

D. Time Conflicts

Enrollment in courses with conflicting class hours is not permitted. The Computer Course Registration System will block such enrollment, and display a message about the conflict.

E. Course Registration Procedures

  •  The Office of Academic Affairs will bulletin Course Registration Procedures before the beginning of course registration. Students may consult these bulletins when registering for courses.

  •  All course enrollment should be done via the Web, http://www.is.cgu.edu.tw/portal. To ensure security, confirmation of identity and password are required for entering the Computer Course Registration system.

  • The Computer Course Registration is divided into two stages.
        Stage I – Preliminary Course Registration
        Preliminary Course Registration for continuing students should be completed in the fifteenth week of the semester. For new matriculants, Preliminary Course Registration should be completed within a week before the start of each fall semester.
        Stage II – Add and Drop Courses
        Adding and dropping courses should be completed in the second week of each semester.  
        Stage III – Add Courses with Instructor's Approval      
        Adding courses with instructor's approval should be completed in the 3rd week of each semester.

  • Students are recommended to confirm the results of course enrollment record through the web.
  • The Curriculum Division will print out a ”Course Schedule List” for each student in the third week of each semester for final confirmation.

 Contact Information: 
 Tel: +886-3-2118800 EXT 3933 or 5981
 Fax: +886-3-2118700