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E-portfolio implementation system

Functions (URL link: https://ep.cgu.edu.tw/webfolio/)



My résumé

Personal information
Educational background
Work experience
Professional specialties
Works (of literature and arts)

Learning portfolio

Study record (Courses attended)
Internship and practical training
Service experience

Voluntary work and associations
Extracurricular activities
Competition record
Certificate record
Self-regulated learning

My ability

General ability
Professional knowledge and skills
Humanities(and arts) accomplishments (Soft skills)

Course map

Course map
Coursework suggestions
Counselling and consultation that I have received
Career planning map

Accomplishment in humanities and arts

6 indicators of accomplishment in humanities and arts

Learning diary

Learning diary
New article
New feedback
Intern diary

Feedback to my studies

Feedback to my studies

Management console

Management console

Contact us

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