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2024 Academic Year Spring Semester Course Addition and Cancellation, Inter-school Course Selection and Third Week Enroll Application

1Online enroll and drop courses in the first and second weeks)
Use the system:ICGU (
2024/2/19 (Mon.) 09:00 ~ 2024/3/1 (Fri.) 23:59

2. Enroll courses in the third week (no drop courses)

Use the systemOnline approval management system (Flow system)

2024/3/4 (Mon.) 00:00 ~ 2024/3/8 (Fri.) 23:59

3. Application for inter-school course selection:
Use the system
Cross-school course selection platform for the three schools, paper applications from outside the three schools :(https://academic.cgu.edu.tw/p/412-1009-8210.php?Lang=zh-tw)
Until 2024/3/1 (Fri.) 17:00

 (Paper copies must be sent to the curriculum team)

ICGU system simple operation instructions about enroll and drop courses in the first and second weeks: https://youtu.be/8EVUrKuorHM

 Enroll courses in the third week must be applied through the online approval management system. Late applications will not be accepted.

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